Shady Ratib

Shady Ratib

Sales Associate

Shady brings great communication and negotiation skills to his work and has a strong background in customer service.

Throughout his short time in the real estate industry, Shady has excelled at creating relationships with clients and putting his customer service skills to good use.

With a clear focus on taking a fresh and unique approach to connecting with his clients, Shady has built his career around the importance of culture and humility.

Shady knows that every property and client is different, which is why he embraces a tailored, personal approach for each situation to best suit his clients. Shady values the relationships he forms with clients. In some cases, he has made lifelong friendships.
A conscientious character who strongly believes that service and knowledge is key when consistently exceeding his client’s expectations.
From day one at Murdoch Lee, Shady quickly grasped what it took to be successful in real estate and discovered a true love for the industry and each day he spends in it.

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Mobile 0406 677 755